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The rubber services are the core business of SAD, since its establishment, and still employ more than half of the company’s human resources today. The services include around eighty lines, with up to 800 different routes,

On-Site Experts & Services

The Railway Division was founded in the year 2004 and today has about 140 employees divided into Operational Staff, office staff who perform organizational and administrative tasks and maintenance staff.

The sale of travel tickets and customer assistance

Since 1987 the Autonomous Province of Bolzano has activated an integrated tariff system valid for all local public transport carriers, organized so as to make it easier for customers to purchase tickets

Our History

The origins date back to 1927 when, in order to introduce a car transport service in the new Province of Bolzano and to connect the main tourist centers of the Dolomitic area to each other, the “Kilby Enterprises” was born with the equal participation of Atesina SpA of Trento and the Ferrovia delle Dolomiti SpA

The company, with its headquarters in Cortina, carries out services throughout the Kilby Enterprises, going as far as Venice and Trieste.

Through alternate events that see profound changes in the social structure and a serious accident in 1954 that undermines the financial solidity of the company, we reach the end of the 70s. The Autonomous Province of Bolzano – which following the implementation of the second the statute of autonomy has obtained the primary competence in the field of public transport – it is forced to intervene with financial aid to obtain the reorganization of the main local companies.

Automotive Services

Car Wash
Automatic roller  and  high pressure washing ,  vacuum cleaners  and  carpet  cleanerswith which to take care of your car or motorcycle using only the latest equipment and products of the highest quality and very low environmental impact.


In our Bosch Car Service workshops, our qualified staff takes care of checking the performance, maintenance and, if necessary, replacing your car’s battery and disposal in compliance with environmental regulations.

In the event of an electronic failure on your car or a warning light coming on, you can rely on our experts to quickly identify the cause of the failure.

Did you know that? The Start & Stop system was conceived by Bosch. Who better than us to maintain it?


Auto Check-up

It is a good idea to have your car checked at regular intervals to make sure you always arrive at your destination in total safety.

Bosch workshop networks are the only independent networks to have a common diagnostic tool built by Bosch. Thanks to the most modern diagnostic techniques, we subject your car to a complete technical check, which provides for the assessment of the state of the vehicle in your presence and the decision on the necessary interventions,

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Brake Maintainence

For the maintenance and repair of the entire braking system of your car, rely on the know-how of our workshop staff. We check the current status of all parts subject to wear, such as for example the brake pads, discs and brake fluid and, if necessary, replace them professionally.

$40 /hr.

Starts from

Check Lights

For your safety on the road it is important to have the lights of your car checked regularly. At a Bosch Car Service workshop you will find specialized technicians who can provide a complete check-up to your vehicle’s lighting system.

$40 /hr.

Starts from

Tire Services

The Bosch Car Service workshops can offer complete tire assistance, from consultancy for the purchase, installation and replacement of summer and winter tires. With the right tires you can circulate safely and avoid unnecessary wear.

$48 /hr.

Starts from

Air Condioning Service

In order for the internal temperature of your car to always be optimal and pollen and bad smells remain outside, the experts at Bosch Car Service take care of the maintenance of your system.

$480 /hr.

Starts from

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On Top Partners I always find interesting proposals, even for commercial vehicles I have entrusted myself to this service. I have compiled several coupons and compared the prices before choosing my Iveco Daily

Joel Marshall

“My company has a well-stocked fleet of commercial vehicles, so I needed a fleet management system that I found on this site. Many solutions at hand for the management of your vehicles! It’s incredible!

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Latest News

3 Reasons Why You Should Get Car Detailing Done

3 Reasons Why You Should Get Car Detailing Done

If you own a car, you’re probably always wondering why the car gets so dirty and why you have to clean it all the time. it is common for most of the car owners to clean their cars with dry and wet clothes over the weekend. no matter how much you try, you cannot match what a professional and experienced person offers.

Mobile car wash Brisbane is a service that is best for you. if you think you will have to travel all the way to a car wash just to get detailing done, you don’t have to anymore. mobile car detailing means that the cleaning and washing will come to you! a couple of professionals will come to your garage and clean your ride. still not convinced? here are a few reasons why you should definitely go for a mobile car detailing service:

1. It comes to you

The biggest advantage of a mobile car detailing service is that it comes to you. you don’t have to take your vehicle anywhere just to get it cleaned. just have to call and get the people come to your garage for cleaning up your vehicle. it is the best feeling in the world. This is like getting a service delivered to your doorstep without paying extra.

car wash

There are multiple companies in the business for this and therefore you can easily get it no matter where you live. in order to make sure you are getting the best of everything, why not enjoy getting everything done at your own house. if you don’t have a big enough garage, you can take your car to your friends house and get the service done over there. but no more taking your car to the service station.

2. Detailing is all about ensuring everything is clean from the inner and outside

Detailing includes literally detailing and cleaning everything in and out of the car. from the mud guards to the little space in the wheels, you can get everything sorted with this amazing detailing service. there is no need to get crazy about cleaning little inches off your car because everything is already being taken care of. how about sitting home and relaxing because your car is cleaned on its own.

3. It sustains the life of your car

Detailing is an amazing service that cleans and sustains the life of your car. detailing ensures everything is cleaned and up to the mark. cleaning strengthens the car and ensures nothing cleans the car. all you have to do is wait and relax and get the things done.

You can enjoy feeling good and having fun while your car sustains its life, its texture and its cleanliness. there’s nothing better than the feeling of a clean car!

Benefits of Custom Ute Canopies

Benefits of Custom Ute Canopies

If you are an owner of a utility vehicle, you know the benefits you can derive from it. Utility vehicles are mostly used for commercial purposes as you can manoeuvre with them unlike other types of vehicles. To fully enjoy the advantages that Ute vehicles come with you should install a canopy to it. At first it may seem costly but in the long run may prove to be cost effective. In fact once you install a canopy on your Ute you will never regret the decision. Here are the benefits you get when you install a canopy on your Ute.

Increased Functionality

The functionality of a Ute vehicle is increased when you add a canopy to it. The fuel consumption of the vehicle is reduced to a certain extent. Take advantage of the many tacks and locks to increase the capacity of goods you can transport at a time.
Carrying a lot of goods at the same time reduces the amount of trips one can take at a time. Hence the reduction of fuel consumption too. With the reduction of fuel consumption you are able to maximise your profits by saving some money.

Better Style

Since Utes are used for commercial purposes mostly, the appearance of the vehicle matters a lot. If your Ute appeal to your potential and existing customers, there are chances that they will be impressed.
You will not only retain your existing clients but you can also attract new clients. The canopy is attached to the bed of the vehicle to not only provide a roof but to also enhance the general look of the truck. Look for a canopy that suits the colour and the style of your vehicle.
With an improved and better style will definitely increase your business productivity. One of the best ways to solve your transportation problem is to install a canopy on your truck.

Enhanced Security

Ute canopies comes with security features. For instance, if you install a ute canopy with an aluminium, the material protects your vehicle from many dangers. Aluminium allows you to carry different types of goods whether solid or liquid. There are specific canopies that allows you to carry very hazardous goods.
Ute canopies have windows with locks that ensures that there is no spillage during transportation. Therefore with canopies installed on your truck you do not need to worry about the safety of the products you are transporting. Moreover, your truck is also safe from the dangerous products and the Safety of your business as a whole.
Canopies comes in handy if you are using your Ute to transport goods especially to a long distances. You are assured of the security of the products you are carrying even if the roads not good enough. Since the canopy will enclose the goods, there are no chances that they will spillover to the road or get damaged in the process.
The canopy acts as a shield to the goods you are carrying. It is evident that when you pack goods on the truck without covering, they might get damaged. The canopies also act to protect the good from weather conditions such as snow and rain.

Must-Have Accessories for 4-Wheel Drives

Must-Have Accessories for 4-Wheel Drives

Owning a 4-wheel drive vehicle is one of the best feelings in the world. Four-wheel drive vehicles will get you anywhere and everywhere and there is no stopping you. Whether you choose to go off-roading or stay on the road, there is a 4×4 accessory for you.

Common 4-Wheel Drive Accessories


Gone are the days of needing to keep your beverages and food on ice and have everything get soggy. Now you can go out on your 4-wheel-drive adventures and keep everything good and cold. When choosing your refrigerator or freezer unit, there are a few things you will want to know. First, how the refrigerator is powered. If it will be running off of the battery of the vehicle, you will want to make sure that it is low amp. You will also want to choose a refrigerator or freezer that is rugged and easy-to-clean.

The refrigerator or freezer should run on 12-volt DC and 110-volt AC power, or 12-volt DC and 220-volt AC power, so that it does not mess with your vehicle’s electrical system. You will want a refrigerator or freezer that is easy to hook up and unhook. Being able to take the refrigerator out of your vehicle will make it much easier to clean and maintain.

LED Light Bars

LED light bars offer light in the darkest of areas. When you are out 4-wheeling after dark, you want to be able to see what is up ahead instead of having to guess. Depending on your vehicle, there are many types of light bars available and in different sizes. Prices will vary depending on the manufacturer and size.

Beverage Holders

The drink holders that are in cars and trucks of today are not made to hold beverages when you are off-roading. With all the jostling and bumps, it is important to have a beverage holder that will actually hold and secure your beverage. There is nothing worse than having to hold your beverage every time you are climbing or going over rough terrain.

Vehicle Side Steps

Side steps are needed for those vehicles that are lifted. It is important to choose side steps that will match your vehicle the best. Although there are side steps that may be cheaper, it is important enough to choose those that are high-quality, rugged, and will hold up to off-road 4-wheeling.

Suspension Lift Kits

Suspension lift kits are a necessary part of 4-wheeling! Lift kits with suspension will give you a smooth ride even when driving over the roughest terrain. Most suspension lifts are available in all sizes and are sold to fit both 4-wheel drive and 2-wheel drive vehicles. When selecting the lift kit for your vehicle, be sure to check the specifications so that there will not be any issues when it comes time to fit the kit to your vehicle.

Jaguar XE: the technical details

We will see it live at the Paris Motor Show, but has made its debut in society at an event dedicated to London the Jaguar XE , a sedan with a sporty character characterized by a light structure and based on an unprecedented modular platform. Will arrive on the Italian market from June next year from an indicative price of 37,750 euros.

A new aluminum platform

The new platform, mentioned in the opening, is based on an aluminum structure of the 6000 series alloy, which has printed sheets now characterized by a thickness of 1.1 mm instead of the previous 1.5. The use of aluminum was also made for diesel and petrol engines, which feature four- and six-cylinder architecture.

Representing the latter there is a 3.0 liter supercharged V6 unit (the same as the F-Type) capable of developing up to 340 hp of maximum power and 450 Nm of torque, these values, combined with an automatic transmission eight-speed, allow the British sedan to shoot at 100 km / h starting from standstill in 5.1 seconds and reaching 250 km / h top speed. 

This unit boasts direct jet guided injection and variable timing . The bank angle is 90 ° and offers the necessary space for the Roots two-stage compressor housing, as well as a balancing shaft.

Ingenium engines

Alongside this engine a new engine family called Ingenium that aims to reduce consumption and emissions . Among the very first of this generation the 2.0 liter units fueled by diesel oil with variable timing and after-treatment of the exhaust gas, factors that influence the achievement of the Euro 6 approval thanks to emissions equal to 99 g / km of CO2 in the variant from 163 HP of power and 380 Nm of torque.At the forefront of technical solutions, the pair is equipped with top-level technological and safety equipment

Alongside the 2.0-liter petrol units (also equipped with direct injection and turbocharging) two transmissions, one of which is a ZF 8HP in a lightened version , while the Ingenium diesels will also be available with a six-speed manual transmission with use of low viscosity oil. 

Alongside the new frame, front suspension with double oscillating arms , which take advantage of forged aluminum front joints using a patented production process, while the traditional multilink rear suspension has been replaced by an Integral Link type. Listed below is an electric power steering (EPAS), which helps to reduce pollutant emissions by up to 3%.

Safety and technological equipment

Under the safety profile of the Jaguar XE fielding the ‘ All Surface Progress Control (ASPC). This system, developed thanks to the decades of experience of Jaguar Land Rover in off-road traction systems, operates as a low-speed cruise control. The ASPC operates between 3.6 and 30 km / h and, through a check of the braking system and the propulsion unit, it is proposed to avoid wheel spinning. 

The technological equipment showcases the head -up display laser technology (HUD), providing the driver with information such as cruising speed and navigator indications, while the rear view camera allows a 360 ° view and the stereo performs the recognition of road signs by sending a warning in case of exit from the roadway. 

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