The new XE is a model of fundamental importance for Jagaur. This car in fact marks the return of the British company in the premium segment D, the one dominated to be clear from the BMW 3 Series, Audi A4 and Mercedes C-Class. To take care of the launch of such an important innovation the British manufacturer certainly does not want to leave anything at the case and for this he established the professional figure of the Jaguar Expert . A very special seller, who will be present in all Jaguar dealerships since the launch of the new XE, with the aim of accompanying potential customers in a very special test drive experience.

Who is the Jaguar Expert

The Jaguar Expert is a product specialist , appropriately trained, that supports customers in a rather original “path” of knowledge of the vehicle. Its task is to understand the needs of potential customers, ensuring them a “tailor-made” test drive. It will also illustrate all the technological innovations and the technical characteristics of the car, personalizing its static and dynamic presentation. 

The Jaguar Expert will take care of following the customer from beginning to end in the purchase experience of the new XE

Finally, it will ensure that the test drive has an adequate duration and the qualitative characteristics of an experience that allow to exceed expectations and represent an element of choice. The Jaguar Expert’s mission will therefore be to highlight all the strengths of the new Jaguar XE, even compared to direct competition .

How to apply

Jaguar Land Rover Italia will identify the Jaguar Experts through an innovative selection process that joins the digital and social channels a real road-show of the Management of Jaguar Land Rover Italia, within prestigious Italian universities. In fact, in the universities, students will have the opportunity to meet the Heads of Jaguar Land Rover Italia, who will present the project, and get in touch with the product. The calendar of the university road show is visible on the website .

The best three experts will be hired by Jaguar dealers

Jaguar Land Rover Italia will select, among those who pass a technical admission test, who will demonstrate the best relationship skills and communication skills with the public. Becoming a Jaguar Expert will allow these young talents to get involved with work experience to be included in their curriculum, while simultaneously fulfilling a passion. The staff will be trained with an internship contract and the three best experts can be included in the staff of the Jaguar distribution network.