The importance of regular marine detailing is known to boat owners. Yet, how important is it and what are the advantages of regular professional marine detailing?

It is obvious that boat owners want their boats to remain in tip-top condition at all times. When this is the need, opting for regular professional marine detailing is the only way to go.

Here’s why:

The best way to preserve the boat’s value

Regular professional marine detailing is the smartest way to preserve the value of your boat.  Maintaining the value of your boat is smart when somewhere down the road you decide to trade it for a newer model or sell it outright.

A boat that is in poor condition and dirty to boot is not likely to get the best value. Having it regularly detailed hold the key to retaining the boat’s value over time.

The best method to protect your boat from salt and the sun

Protecting your boat from salt and the sun is one of the most important reasons to have it regularly detailed. And opting for professional marine detailing is always the best choice.

Being exposed to elements like the sun and salt can take a toll on your boat. Damages such as metal corrosion and fading paint are likely to happen to your boat when it is not regularly detailed. Keeping the pristine condition of your boat over the years becomes possible with regular marine detailing.

The best method to reduce water drag

Drag in water is drastically reduced when the boat is regularly detailed. A slow-moving boat that is not up to its regular speed can be a frustrating thing for any boat owner. A smoother and faster boat ride is achieved with regular detailing.

The best method of removing debris and stains

Boat stains and debris have to be regularly removed for optimum function. Debris such as grime and dirt are likely to accumulate on your boat over time. A boat that is frequently used is expected to get stained from accidents such as spills.

Probably one of the most stubborn things to remove from a boat is accidental spills. When this happens, professional marine detailing is the best option. The experience and the proper tools a professional boat cleaner brings to the table is the best way to remove even the most stubborn stains and debris.

Professional Marine Detailing Myths

Yet, many boat owners are still on the fence when it comes to professional marine detailing. Like everything else, myths about marine detailing are still making the rounds. Some of these myths include:

It is normal for a boat to become smelly

Spending a lot of time in water can make the boat smelly. The various odours typically infesting boats range from mildew, mould, diesel fumes, and human sweat. The accumulation of these smells can make life uncomfortable for you and your passengers. Health issues are another thing to contend with along with the smells. Having the boat regularly detailed is the best way to get rid of the smells before they worsen into something more.

There’s no difference between ceramic and wax coatings

Ceramic coating has been proven to provide the best boat protection. While spray and wax sealants can provide some protection, it’s not for long. The nanoparticles attached to the surfaces and paint of the boat from ceramic coatings protect for a long time.

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