Owning a 4-wheel drive vehicle is one of the best feelings in the world. Four-wheel drive vehicles will get you anywhere and everywhere and there is no stopping you. Whether you choose to go off-roading or stay on the road, there is a 4×4 accessory for you.

Common 4-Wheel Drive Accessories


Gone are the days of needing to keep your beverages and food on ice and have everything get soggy. Now you can go out on your 4-wheel-drive adventures and keep everything good and cold. When choosing your refrigerator or freezer unit, there are a few things you will want to know. First, how the refrigerator is powered. If it will be running off of the battery of the vehicle, you will want to make sure that it is low amp. You will also want to choose a refrigerator or freezer that is rugged and easy-to-clean.

The refrigerator or freezer should run on 12-volt DC and 110-volt AC power, or 12-volt DC and 220-volt AC power, so that it does not mess with your vehicle’s electrical system. You will want a refrigerator or freezer that is easy to hook up and unhook. Being able to take the refrigerator out of your vehicle will make it much easier to clean and maintain.

LED Light Bars

LED light bars offer light in the darkest of areas. When you are out 4-wheeling after dark, you want to be able to see what is up ahead instead of having to guess. Depending on your vehicle, there are many types of light bars available and in different sizes. Prices will vary depending on the manufacturer and size.

Beverage Holders

The drink holders that are in cars and trucks of today are not made to hold beverages when you are off-roading. With all the jostling and bumps, it is important to have a beverage holder that will actually hold and secure your beverage. There is nothing worse than having to hold your beverage every time you are climbing or going over rough terrain.

Vehicle Side Steps

Side steps are needed for those vehicles that are lifted. It is important to choose side steps that will match your vehicle the best. Although there are side steps that may be cheaper, it is important enough to choose those that are high-quality, rugged, and will hold up to off-road 4-wheeling.

Suspension Lift Kits

Suspension lift kits are a necessary part of 4-wheeling! Lift kits with suspension will give you a smooth ride even when driving over the roughest terrain. Most suspension lifts are available in all sizes and are sold to fit both 4-wheel drive and 2-wheel drive vehicles. When selecting the lift kit for your vehicle, be sure to check the specifications so that there will not be any issues when it comes time to fit the kit to your vehicle.