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The rubber services are the core business of SAD, since its establishment, and still employ more than half of the company’s human resources today. The services include around eighty lines, with up to 800 different routes,

On-Site Experts & Services

The Railway Division was founded in the year 2004 and today has about 140 employees divided into Operational Staff, office staff who perform organizational and administrative tasks and maintenance staff.

The sale of travel tickets and customer assistance

Since 1987 the Autonomous Province of Bolzano has activated an integrated tariff system valid for all local public transport carriers, organized so as to make it easier for customers to purchase tickets

Our History

The origins date back to 1927 when, in order to introduce a car transport service in the new Province of Bolzano and to connect the main tourist centers of the Dolomitic area to each other, the “Kilby Enterprises” was born with the equal participation of Atesina SpA of Trento and the Ferrovia delle Dolomiti SpA

The company, with its headquarters in Cortina, carries out services throughout the Kilby Enterprises, going as far as Venice and Trieste.

Through alternate events that see profound changes in the social structure and a serious accident in 1954 that undermines the financial solidity of the company, we reach the end of the 70s. The Autonomous Province of Bolzano – which following the implementation of the second the statute of autonomy has obtained the primary competence in the field of public transport – it is forced to intervene with financial aid to obtain the reorganization of the main local companies.

Automotive Services

Car Wash
Automatic roller  and  high pressure washing ,  vacuum cleaners  and  carpet  cleanerswith which to take care of your car or motorcycle using only the latest equipment and products of the highest quality and very low environmental impact.


In our Bosch Car Service workshops, our qualified staff takes care of checking the performance, maintenance and, if necessary, replacing your car’s battery and disposal in compliance with environmental regulations.

In the event of an electronic failure on your car or a warning light coming on, you can rely on our experts to quickly identify the cause of the failure.

Did you know that? The Start & Stop system was conceived by Bosch. Who better than us to maintain it?


Auto Check-up

It is a good idea to have your car checked at regular intervals to make sure you always arrive at your destination in total safety.

Bosch workshop networks are the only independent networks to have a common diagnostic tool built by Bosch. Thanks to the most modern diagnostic techniques, we subject your car to a complete technical check, which provides for the assessment of the state of the vehicle in your presence and the decision on the necessary interventions,

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Brake Maintainence

For the maintenance and repair of the entire braking system of your car, rely on the know-how of our workshop staff. We check the current status of all parts subject to wear, such as for example the brake pads, discs and brake fluid and, if necessary, replace them professionally.

$40 /hr.

Starts from

Check Lights

For your safety on the road it is important to have the lights of your car checked regularly. At a Bosch Car Service workshop you will find specialized technicians who can provide a complete check-up to your vehicle’s lighting system.

$40 /hr.

Starts from

Tire Services

The Bosch Car Service workshops can offer complete tire assistance, from consultancy for the purchase, installation and replacement of summer and winter tires. With the right tires you can circulate safely and avoid unnecessary wear.

$48 /hr.

Starts from

Air Condioning Service

In order for the internal temperature of your car to always be optimal and pollen and bad smells remain outside, the experts at Bosch Car Service take care of the maintenance of your system.

$480 /hr.

Starts from

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On Top Partners I always find interesting proposals, even for commercial vehicles I have entrusted myself to this service. I have compiled several coupons and compared the prices before choosing my Iveco Daily

Joel Marshall

“My company has a well-stocked fleet of commercial vehicles, so I needed a fleet management system that I found on this site. Many solutions at hand for the management of your vehicles! It’s incredible!

Jason Della


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Top reasons for Hiring a Professional Auto Mechanic

Top reasons for Hiring a Professional Auto Mechanic

Life and money are things that can cost a car owner when the car’s repair is either a DIY method or hiring an untrained mechanic. The millions of daily commuters have shown that owning a car is already a way of life.

This means that your car’s health should be considered as a serious business. While an affordable option is to hire a part-time mechanic, looking at the bigger picture is the smartest alternative when it comes to car repair and maintenance.

Hiring a professional auto mechanic to repair or service your car brings multiple benefits.

Peace of mind

Worrying about your safety every time you use your car is frustrating and annoying. The state-of-the-art services provided by a professional auto mechanic ensures peace of mind. Worry-free driving means enjoying all conveniences of a car performing at peak levels.

Hiring a car expert to work on your car ensures that he/she knows the latest technology, techniques, and the safest processes of repair. Driving on the streets becomes a great experience when you know that your car’s performance functions at its optimum.

Expert services

Working with a professional auto mechanic ensures that his/her training, expertise, experience, and certification will come through. A certified expert mechanic will do their utmost to protect their reputation. This means that he/she will live up to the claim of being the expert mechanic for all your car’s needs. Working with a reputable auto mechanic provides you with the best mind and hand for repairing or servicing your car.

A common problem such as a broken headlight or a faulty brake needs an immediate resolution from an expert mechanic. Knowing the cause of the problem and resolving it before safety is compromised is one of the great benefits provided by a reputable car mechanic.

Great value for your money

Identifying some of the potential problems of your car provides great value for your money. Having your car repaired during the initial stage of potential damage costs less. Preventive measures for your car are also one of the cost-effective benefits gained from having it checked and serviced by an expert car mechanic.

Hiring expert auto care and services is a more cost-effective way of cutting expenses. Opting to hire part-time mechanics often costs more especially when mistakes happen during the repair.

Insurance and Warranties

A reputable car mechanic will always offer insurance and warranties to all their car repair services. Free service is even offered by some mechanics when an issue is found with their replaced spare parts.

The guidelines of the car manufacturer are never violated by a good mechanic. Their insurance coverage guarantees insurance claims settlement should anything go wrong with car parts and services.


Doing a DIY car repair should never be the option unless you’re an expert auto mechanic. The convenience in terms of time and money is gained when the repair of the vehicle is entrusted to expert hands.

The availability of on-call emergency services provided by a professional auto mechanic Brendale provides convenience like no other. Having access to emergency mechanics ensure vehicle repair wherever you happen to be and whatever time it is.

The way of travelling dramatically changed since automobiles were invented. Taking public transport is not an option today with the convenience of owning a car. However, taking serious responsibility for their cars needs to be practiced by car owners.

The advantages of rock retaining walls in Melbourne

Rock retaining walls are not only built to be functional but they also serve an aesthetic purpose. Most of the time these walls are added as a landscape features so as to create a beautiful look in the garden or in the yard. A retaining wall can protect your land from erosion plus if whom is built on a slope a strong retaining wall can protect the land from further siding away from its foundation. If you think that your home would be at risk for damage to the landscape or a weakening at the foundation you should definitely consider hiring professionals to install rock retaining walls in Melbourne.

The reasons for building rock retaining walls in Melbourne

The following are some of the advantages of Rock retaining walls

  • These walls can add a decorative element to an otherwise drab looking landscape. If you want to add value to your outdoor space you should definitely consider building a retaining wall around the sloppy area in your garden.
  • It is also a great place for creating a neat and focused Garden and to prevent the trees and the grass from intermingling and creating a well defined boundary
  • Retaining walls also help to keep the soil dry and in a single place instead of sliding around during rainy weather.
  • It prevents sinkholes from developing into the soil
  • Last but not the least it reduces the amount of maintenance work which you do in the garden simply by containing the soil in one place and ensuring that it doesn’t spill over or cause any further damage.

What you need to consider before installing retaining walls

  • It is important to understand the topography of your land before you build a retaining wall on it. It would help you determine how long the wall should be plus knowing about the complexity of the soil would allow you to make the right decisions when it comes to choosing the material for your retaining walls.
  • It is important that the retaining wall should be a few inches taller than the ground level so as to ensure that the soil doesn’t spill out easily.
  • Retaining wall can completely change the look of your landscape by turning it into an eye-catching landform and therefore you need to use the appropriate designs which can add texture and beauty to your space.

It is also important to choose the right kind of materials when building a retaining wall it is beneficial to use material which not only add aesthetic value but can also help you create the purpose for which you want to build the retaining walls. The usual choice of materials are either bricks, concrete blocks or rocks.

It should be kept in mind that you should hire only an experienced landscaping expert to create a retaining wall in your garden or your backyard. This is because they have a general idea of how to execute retaining rock wall construction especially if your home is built on a slope.

How to Make an RV Out of a School Bus?

How to Make an RV Out of a School Bus?

If you are looking to convert a school bus into a motorhome on a budget, consider hacking into an old school bus, like the one you used to ride to school many years ago if you still remember. The end game is to modify the bus to a tiny home. Retired school buses are not expensive, but you must be skilled and creative enough to come up with an excellent motorhome out of it. Before you embark on your journey of building a motorhome, how much do you think an old school bus will cost? It depends on the individual coach and the seating capacity, typically, 34 seaters or 72. For a 72 seater, prepare to part with around 3000k bucks which can create a livable space of approximately 200 square feet.

Tips for purchasing a school bus for conversion

Retired school buses can be extremely inexpensive to purchase. But with basic building knowledge, you can quickly come with a comfortable motorhome. Where do you find an old school bus? There are a few places; online auctions where you will find plenty of listings, bus dealerships and local classifieds. Before bidding, review the maintenance records first, then do a thorough inspection on the bus from inside to the outside. Look for undercarriage rust, if you found a significant amount of rust, remember that’s a deal-breaker, an opportunity to bargain lower. Before inspecting a bus, look for an appropriate size that will meet your motorhome requirements. And go for the best available option. More substantial coaches can offer a larger space but can be trickier to drive, while smaller buses offer limited space but comfortable to drive. It’s up to you to strike a balance according to your requirements. It would help if you also familiarise yourself with types of engines and their modes of transmission. It will have an impact on maintenance and longevity.

Cost of bus conversion

The cost of DIY a school bus can be anything between 10k to 30k bucks, extremely higher than the price of obtaining an old school bus. With such a budget you can get a working bathroom and a kitchen. However, with heavy repurposing of materials, you can reduce the cost of bus conversion significantly. Common materials used for standard conversion include; plywood, insulation board, flooring and trim. Plumbing and electrical systems can be outfitted. Other stuff can come in later when you are already living in the RV. Remodelling and decoration will never stop if you are a hardcore RVing enthusiast.

Partially converted school bus.

If you opt for a partially converted school bus, you will have reduced a lot of back-breaking activities you could perform in your RV. With some of the seats partially removed you will have little to-do activities. You will have to start with remodelling and decorating your camper. A partially converted school bus usually comes without a kitchen and bathroom. For a demo, a partially converted 34 seater school bus will cost around 10k bucks, but you will have to input more to make it more comfortable.

Bus conversion plans

There are plenty of resources you can find plans and tutorials to follow when performing bus conversions. Or if you are not into DIYing, you can look for motorhome specialists such as ABTC with ideas you want your motorhome to look.

The Benefits of Stainless BBQ

The Benefits of Stainless BBQ

Stainless BBQs have a great advantage over the normal BBQ. It comes with a lot of benefits that will take your cooking to another whole new level. These are the things that will make you always go for stainless BBQ every time you think of or want to advise someone about BBQs.

You should be acquainted with the right information when it comes to making the right choice. There are many advantages linked to stainless BBQ, but our focus will be on the major ones, especially in line with the Australian market. These benefits include:

1. Cost-Effectiveness

When considering this factor, do not think about the amount you have to part with while purchasing the item. Cost-effectiveness is a dynamic factor that covers a wide range of spending analysis. When you buy a product at a very affordable price, that product is cheap.

If that product does not serve the purpose you bought it for, you will end up in the market again. If you buy another of its kind, within a shorter duration than anticipated, then the product is considered expensive. Stainless BBQ keeps you out of the hustle as it settles all your BBQ device issues.

2. Improved Quality

Cooking quality is the greatest mark of authenticity. One does not have to take too much time to get convinced about a product whose results are evident. A stainless BBQ offers one of the highest quality of cooking.

This means your meat is well cooked and within a shorter period. As a result, the health of the user is put into consideration, and one doesn’t have to bother about the possibility of consuming uncooked foodstuff.

3. Durability and Long Lasting Effect

This is the long term sign that you made the right choice in purchasing every product. Durability is the potential hidden in a device to give you an interrupted service over a long duration. This gives you great peace of mind, having that assurance that you will not need to visit the market again for the same item you spent so much on.

When the long-lasting effect is properly felt, the buyer will no longer regret the pricing and cost because their money will have served them well.

4. Efficiency and High Speed of Cooking

When you upgrade someone’s appetite, it should not be long before you spice it up with the palatable meal. Timely cooking is an added advantage of stainless BBQ. It has a high conduction power that makes it fast in heating as well as efficient in cooking.

Efficiency is one factor that makes you enjoy whatever you are doing. If you strain too much to deliver a result, you will never have the motivation to do the same task next time. A major aspect of stainless BBQ is its ability to give you what you want and when you want it.

5. Attractive and Impressive

No one enjoys doing their favourite cooking tasks with one shoddy equipment that makes everybody doubt their health assurance. Stainless BBQ is not just impressive but also easy to clean. It is sparkling and very attractive. You will always enjoy your time working with the equipment everybody admires and loves.

This factor contributes to giving you confidence in your cooking as well as the quality. With very many people being cautious about their intakes in Australia, using a smart, attractive, clean device will improve your business big time. These and many more are the advantages of using stainless BBQ for all your outdoor or indoor meat roasting exercise.

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