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The rubber services are the core business of SAD, since its establishment, and still employ more than half of the company’s human resources today. The services include around eighty lines, with up to 800 different routes,

On-Site Experts & Services

The Railway Division was founded in the year 2004 and today has about 140 employees divided into Operational Staff, office staff who perform organizational and administrative tasks and maintenance staff.

The sale of travel tickets and customer assistance

Since 1987 the Autonomous Province of Bolzano has activated an integrated tariff system valid for all local public transport carriers, organized so as to make it easier for customers to purchase tickets

Our History

The origins date back to 1927 when, in order to introduce a car transport service in the new Province of Bolzano and to connect the main tourist centers of the Dolomitic area to each other, the “Kilby Enterprises” was born with the equal participation of Atesina SpA of Trento and the Ferrovia delle Dolomiti SpA

The company, with its headquarters in Cortina, carries out services throughout the Kilby Enterprises, going as far as Venice and Trieste.

Through alternate events that see profound changes in the social structure and a serious accident in 1954 that undermines the financial solidity of the company, we reach the end of the 70s. The Autonomous Province of Bolzano – which following the implementation of the second the statute of autonomy has obtained the primary competence in the field of public transport – it is forced to intervene with financial aid to obtain the reorganization of the main local companies.

Automotive Services

Car Wash
Automatic roller  and  high pressure washing ,  vacuum cleaners  and  carpet  cleanerswith which to take care of your car or motorcycle using only the latest equipment and products of the highest quality and very low environmental impact.


In our Bosch Car Service workshops, our qualified staff takes care of checking the performance, maintenance and, if necessary, replacing your car’s battery and disposal in compliance with environmental regulations.

In the event of an electronic failure on your car or a warning light coming on, you can rely on our experts to quickly identify the cause of the failure.

Did you know that? The Start & Stop system was conceived by Bosch. Who better than us to maintain it?


Auto Check-up

It is a good idea to have your car checked at regular intervals to make sure you always arrive at your destination in total safety.

Bosch workshop networks are the only independent networks to have a common diagnostic tool built by Bosch. Thanks to the most modern diagnostic techniques, we subject your car to a complete technical check, which provides for the assessment of the state of the vehicle in your presence and the decision on the necessary interventions,

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Brake Maintainence

For the maintenance and repair of the entire braking system of your car, rely on the know-how of our workshop staff. We check the current status of all parts subject to wear, such as for example the brake pads, discs and brake fluid and, if necessary, replace them professionally.

$40 /hr.

Starts from

Check Lights

For your safety on the road it is important to have the lights of your car checked regularly. At a Bosch Car Service workshop you will find specialized technicians who can provide a complete check-up to your vehicle’s lighting system.

$40 /hr.

Starts from

Tire Services

The Bosch Car Service workshops can offer complete tire assistance, from consultancy for the purchase, installation and replacement of summer and winter tires. With the right tires you can circulate safely and avoid unnecessary wear.

$48 /hr.

Starts from

Air Condioning Service

In order for the internal temperature of your car to always be optimal and pollen and bad smells remain outside, the experts at Bosch Car Service take care of the maintenance of your system.

$480 /hr.

Starts from

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Joel Marshall

“My company has a well-stocked fleet of commercial vehicles, so I needed a fleet management system that I found on this site. Many solutions at hand for the management of your vehicles! It’s incredible!

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Smoking diesel engines

Smoking diesel engines

There are essentially three motor sorts regular to most kinds of vehicles and these are diesel motors, gas motors and steam motors used to power trains and comparative train kinds of transportation. Talking about fuel moderateness and productivity, the one ideally used by most business transportation is the diesel fuel when contrasted with its costly unleaded gas partner. For the vast majority less slanted with car and mechanical occupations, motors may appear to be identical; yet, they serve various capacities relying upon the kind of vehicle and the reason it is made for.

In like manner, the diesel motor’s convenience and dependability represents a risk after some time, thinking about the potential outcomes of mileage or a baffling breakdown. Basically, smoke from a diesel engine demonstrates that something isn’t right.

It should be taken as a sign that there is an issue existing (or working up), that will perhaps abridge the engine life, or result in inconsequential costs. It should be seen as an opportunity to take assesses that will set aside you money in both the whole deal and besides the present minute. At any rate, that smoke may be a direct result of a clear issue, that is causing poor consuming capability… and costing you in extraordinary fuel bills (example carboned up engine from over the top waiting, stop start errand or short run events). At the far edge of the scale, it may be your last chance to act, before a lamentable engine disillusionment occurs (example chamber seizure, valve or turbocharger frustration).

A diesel engine in extraordinary condition should make no discernible smoke from the exhaust, under most working conditions. A short puff of smoke when an engine is animated under weight may be commendable, in light of the slack before the turbocharger speed and wind stream can organize the volume of diesel imbued into the chambers. That would simply apply to progressively settled advancement diesel engines, anyway with present day type diesels, no smoke at all should be clear.

There are three basic sorts of diesel smoke, unmistakable by their shading… dim, blue and white

In the systems underneath we explain what causes each shade of diesel smoke and outfit you with associations with phenomenal things that will empower you to light up these issues:

Basically, when dark smoke discharge turns out to be continually noticeable on a vehicle or vehicle’s fumes, the motor starts to hint at unsuitable execution of fragmented burning of diesel fuel. To reveal more insight into the issue, the accompanying components recounts to the remainder of the story:

  • Working temperatures are route cooler than what’s optimal
  • Nearness of a lot of carbon collection in the motor’s burning and fumes framework
  • Unsuitable and wastefulness of fuel
  • Motor check up necessities
  • Contracted acceptance framework brought about by contrariness on wrinkled inside channeling
  • Air cleaner needs cleaning or conceivable substitution
  • Destroyed segments as influenced by stuck or adhered cylinder rings because of low chamber pressure
  • Required remedy noticeable all around or fuel proportion
  • Valve freedom needs tweaking or modifications
  • Air and fuel contradiction due to a broken turbocharger
  • Injectors need cleaning or substitutions
  • Timing of other motor segments are not exact or erroneous

Unmistakably, worn or hurt parts must be displaced, and the past you perceive and fix the issue, the less damage will be done. Keep over engine tune issues, including valve changes, and ordinary modifying of air, fuel and oil channels. Do whatever it takes not to buy fuel from suspect outlets. Tarnished sections, for instance, injectors can be viably restored to full tidiness by using a ground-breaking and strong fuel system cleaner. Investigate and do what you can to stop smoking diesel engines.


Hiring the Right Local Electricians

Hiring the Right Local Electricians

Are you looking for local electricians to handle the electrical wirings and changes in your homes? Either you are moving to a new home or interested in changing the cables of your old home, the services of a good electricians can’t be over looked. You need to hire someone who does their job well and stays within budget too. So how do you look for a local electricians? It’s simple. The following tips can help you find local electricians with ease.

Tips on finding the right electrician

  • Word of mouth is a great way of getting to know about local electricians. Do you know anyone who has recently moved homes or had restoration work done in their home? In both cases they may have hired the services of an electrician. They can give you proper advice on how the electrician worked. Did they complete the project on time and even help you get an idea regarding the amount they charge for certain services.
  • Another way of finding an electrician is by looking through the yellow pages. You can find them under electricians only. Once you find them they are bound to be listed on the interest as well. Make sure to check out their website. Take a look at the services which they offer. Get a look at reviews left by previous clients. All this is helpful in finding someone who does their job well.
  • Now that you have found two or three electricians who you think would be the best choice for you, it’s time to visit them personally. You can get an appointment and talk about the kind of work you have in mind. Make sure to ask for a quote for the work which you have in mind.

Questions you should ask your local electricians

When visiting an electrician make sure to ask them the following questions

  • Are they licensed? It’s important that an electrician has a license to carry out their work. It’s an indication of their professionalism and reliability. Apprentice electricians may not be registered but they do have a source of reference from their master electrician.
  • Someone who is licensed is insured as well. Electrical work is sensitive and it is always best to hire someone who have insurance for their workmanship.
  • Get to know if they have experience in handling the kind of work you have in mind. Changing or adding new wiring to your home or building requires a great deal of experience.
  • Ask them about how much do they charge for their services. Do they charge according to the hours they work or they would charge you when the project is completed? This would help you find whether the electrician would be willing to work under the budget you have or not.
  • Get to know the time frame in which the work would be completed. It is important that all cabling should be handled by the time you plan to move back in.

Finding Brisbane based commercial electrical contractors is easier when you keep the above mentioned tips in mind.

The Importance of Calculating Fuel Text Credits

The Importance of Calculating Fuel Text Credits

Fuel text credits are claimed by businesses for a fuel tax which is included in the price of the fuel which is required during any business activity. It can be claimed for all kinds of taxable fuels which are purchased to be used for a business. Fuels which are taxable include:

  • Liquid fuels
  • Fuel blends
  • Gaseous fuels

Which business activities can fuel text credit be claimed for?

The credits help provide business owners credit for fuel tax which is included in the price of the fuel. Any business activity regarding the use of machineries can claim fuel tax. Also businesses which include business plants which make use of heavy equipment that use fuel can claim the fuel credit. All business which are eligible can easily make a claim by displaying a business activity statement.

How much credit can one claim?

The amount of fuel tax credit which can be claimed depends on the kind of fuel being used by the vehicle and the business purpose for which the vehicle is being used. In order to determine the eligibility and making the claim you should take note of the following facts:

  • When was the fuel acquired
  • The type of fuel which you have been using
  • The business activity for which the fuel is being used.

The rate of the fuel tax credit

The credit rate for fuel tax undergoes changes almost every year during February and in august. The rates should be checked every time you are planning to do your business activity statement. The rate can vary more than once during the business activity statement period.

If you claim comes up to less than $10’000 in fuel tax credits per year, there is a different way to calculate the tax.

If you want to make sure that the business you are running is eligible for claiming the fuel tax, you can make use of the fuel tax credit eligibility tool. Also you need to make sure that the claim which you make is accurate, for that you would need to use the fuel tax credit calculator. Small business owners can even download specific apps to calculate their tax credit. Always make sure that you have a fairly good idea regarding the rates before you calculate the BAS.

Also online webinars can provide useful information about any changes in the fuel taxation rates. Also they provide useful tips to avoid coon errors while calculating the claim.

For claims which are less than $10,000 the following simple methods can be used to calculate the fuel tax credit.

  • In case of changes in the credit rates during the BAS period, you can use the rate which is applicable at the end of the BAS period.
  • The total cost of the fuel which is purchased during the BAS period is divided by the average price of the fuel would help you work out the total litres of fuel you can claim for.
Qualities of A Good Auto Electrician

Qualities of A Good Auto Electrician

An auto electrician means an automotive electrician. It is true that we cannot go without the services of an automotive electrician. It is common for our vehicles and other related vessels to break down, and you can’t put your journey to halt because you don’t know what to do next. Therefore, this is the case where you need the service of an auto electrician most. However, before dialling a number and giving them that job, you need to ensure that the selected auto electrician is an expert in the field.

Vehicles play a useful role in our daily lives, and therefore, we shouldn’t be ready to put them in the hands of unqualified auto electricians. There are several ways you can use to tell whether a given auto electrician is an expert in that field or not. The experts, for instance in Gold Coast, know how to use their tools to provide adequate services. Our main aim is how to find the best auto electrician. Therefore, let’s discuss some of the qualities of a good auto electrician:

Updated equipment

A good auto electrician should have the latest gadgets in connection to the services they provide. A good auto electrician must be in a position of handling all the equipment used in the assessment and repair of the motor parts.

Communication skills

A good auto electrician is the one featuring strong communication skills to the clients. Every client needs to get convinced that the auto electrician Gold Coast provides services of high quality. To enhance this, you should always track their progress in the field and judge the rate of their success.


A good auto electrician is the one in a position of providing solutions even to the toughest problems that are likely to emerge. He/she must solve any issue relating to automotive that can arise on the process.

How To Find The Best Auto Electrician

It is true that any issue related to engines and motors is a complicated and sensitive one. Therefore, when you encounter any problem related to this, you should go for the best auto electrician who’s is in a position of providing the needed services. Below are the main tips to put into practice every time when you need a good auto electrician.

Using the internet

When in need of the best auto-electrician, try searching for one on the internet, and you will get. There are a lot of top-rated websites that can direct you to the best auto electrician.

Putting an advertisement on the local dailies

When you a long-term with the best auto electrician, this is the best option for you.

Asking for referrals

Inform your colleagues and friends about the issues and let them help you to find the best auto electrician. You will realise that a majority of them will have endless connections to the best auto electrician.

Finally, we can see that having an auto electrician is essential. He/she is the person to call whenever your car breaks down.  When you have an auto electrician, you will save time. You will not have to wait for a long time every time you take the car to the garage. Also, having a qualified auto electrician is vital since he/she is in a position of providing unmatched results.

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