Rock retaining walls are not only built to be functional but they also serve an aesthetic purpose. Most of the time these walls are added as a landscape features so as to create a beautiful look in the garden or in the yard. A retaining wall can protect your land from erosion plus if whom is built on a slope a strong retaining wall can protect the land from further siding away from its foundation. If you think that your home would be at risk for damage to the landscape or a weakening at the foundation you should definitely consider hiring professionals to install rock retaining walls in Melbourne.

The reasons for building rock retaining walls in Melbourne

The following are some of the advantages of Rock retaining walls

  • These walls can add a decorative element to an otherwise drab looking landscape. If you want to add value to your outdoor space you should definitely consider building a retaining wall around the sloppy area in your garden.
  • It is also a great place for creating a neat and focused Garden and to prevent the trees and the grass from intermingling and creating a well defined boundary
  • Retaining walls also help to keep the soil dry and in a single place instead of sliding around during rainy weather.
  • It prevents sinkholes from developing into the soil
  • Last but not the least it reduces the amount of maintenance work which you do in the garden simply by containing the soil in one place and ensuring that it doesn’t spill over or cause any further damage.

What you need to consider before installing retaining walls

  • It is important to understand the topography of your land before you build a retaining wall on it. It would help you determine how long the wall should be plus knowing about the complexity of the soil would allow you to make the right decisions when it comes to choosing the material for your retaining walls.
  • It is important that the retaining wall should be a few inches taller than the ground level so as to ensure that the soil doesn’t spill out easily.
  • Retaining wall can completely change the look of your landscape by turning it into an eye-catching landform and therefore you need to use the appropriate designs which can add texture and beauty to your space.

It is also important to choose the right kind of materials when building a retaining wall it is beneficial to use material which not only add aesthetic value but can also help you create the purpose for which you want to build the retaining walls. The usual choice of materials are either bricks, concrete blocks or rocks.

It should be kept in mind that you should hire only an experienced landscaping expert to create a retaining wall in your garden or your backyard. This is because they have a general idea of how to execute retaining rock wall construction especially if your home is built on a slope.