Everyone loves glassware that is crystal clear and spotless. However, no matter how many times you wash the glasses with your hands, you will never be able to achieve pristine cleanliness. However, you can get it by investing in a high-quality glass washer.

Buying one will help you save time and effort, and it will also ensure that the glasses are kept clean and hygienic. Several options are available in the market, so you need help choosing the best one. The following is a simple guide to help you know everything about glass washers.

Types of glass washers

You can find a variety of glass washers available in the market. Each of these has its own unique set of features. Some of the common kinds that you can find are:

Under-the-counter glass washers. As the name suggests, these machines are compact and fit under the counter. These are ideal for use in a small car or a restaurant with limited space. However, their capacity is smaller when compared to other types of glass washers, but they can provide quick and efficient cleaning.

Conveyor glass washers. These are comparatively larger machines and can be used towards the high volume of classes. The conveyor belt moves the glasses through the engine and cleans them as they go up. This machine has a bigger capacity than an under-counter washer and can clean the mirrors quickly.

The rotary glasswasher is manufactured to clean glasses in a circular motion with the help of a spinning brush and a nozzle. They are usually found in bars and restaurants.

Things to keep in mind when purchasing glass washers

If you are considering purchasing a glass washer, there are certain features you need to look out for.

1. Always consider the capacity of the glass washer. It will also depend upon the size of your business and how many glasses you need to be cleaned at once. It is best to go for a machine that will meet your requirements.

2. The high speed of a glass washer also determines how quickly it can clean the glasses. Find a machine with a fast cycle time, which will help speed up the cleaning process and also help save energy.

3. Look for a machine that is energy efficient to save up on utility bills.

4. Invest in a machine that is easy to use and operate. Always read the operator’s manual because it has clear instructions.

Purchasing a glass washer has several benefits. It can help you save time. Instead of washing them by hand, you can focus on other tasks.

If you are looking for consistent results every time to ensure that your glasses are clean and crystal clear, you always have to use a glass washer. It can also enhance the hygiene of your drinks because of the high-temperature water, which can help kill the bacteria and sanitise the glasses.

Although glass washers are expensive, you must buy a commercial grade glass washer.